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We know that local business owners are stretched increasingly thin as they adapt to the world of digital business, manage their online presence, and balance internal operations. What they need is one app with one login, one set of reports, and one communication system that empowers them to drive and scale their business. 

Beautiful top performing websites

Build it yourself or Done For You

Equip SArizoan hosts your WordPress website with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure means your site will always be secure and protected, Google-fast, and scale to fit any business.

Get started with any one of our stunning website templates and customize it to fit their needs. Each template comes with WooCommerce pre-installed, your clients just need to add their products and service to start selling.

Plus, to make DIY even easier, our 276 beautiful templates utilize Elegant Themes Divi Builder, an advanced visual builder that makes designing websites a breeze—no coding necessary.

DIY Website From $29/Month includes Hosting and Maintenance.

Select your theme and Equip Arizona will import it into Website Pro and you will be all set to buiild your WordPress website.  To get Website Express free for 30 days while you’re building your site email marty@equipaz.com

Done For You Landing Page From $99

+ $29/Month Hosting and Maintenance

Equip Arizona will design and build a professional and effective landing page to collect leads and grow your business. 


Done For You 3 PageWebsite From $249
+ $29/Month Hosting and Maintenance

Equip Arizona will design and build a professional website that will help potential customers find your business and make it easy for them to do business with you.

Website Add-ons


Website Copy $99

Get our team to write customized website copy to promote your business and reflect your brand.

  • A stylish website can make a great first impression for your business, but the content is what will hook your audience.
  • Trust The Experts: Leave the content creation to experts that live and breathe it so that you can focus on what you do best—running your business!
  • Build Trust: Custom web copy is essential for building trust with both your clientele and search engines alike, and we can help you do just that!
This service includes up to 500 words, which is enough to cover about 1 website page. However, you can spread your copy over more pages as desired.

AudioEye-Equal Access for all $39/Month

Begin your path to ADA & WCAG compliance with AudioEye’s
easy-to-use technology platform, certified accessibility experts,
and legal assistance.

How AudioEye Helps You Stay Compliant:

  • Sustainable Testing and Remediation Plan
  • Ongoing Automated Testing
  • Periodic Manual Audits
  • Accessibility Training and Education
  • Issue Reporting Real-time Dashboard
  • Available Grievance Procedures
  • Free Fixes for Reported Issues
  • Patented Automated Remediations


Available for new and existing sites

Ochatbot & Website Engagement Tools-From Free

  • Ochatbot – for custom leads, reducing support tickets, insightful surveys, any eCommerce platform, and more.
  • Mobile banners provide a Google-safe, non-intrusive way to offer promotions and create lead magnets.
  • Engage with visitors with Lead Sliders and Offer.
  • Get feedback and answer assist visitors instantly with Need Help and Feedback Tabs.
  • Ochatbot reporting provides insights of the conversations the chatbot is having with your visitors.
  • Ochatbot helps customers find which product or service is best for them lifting sales revenues by 15% to 35% when they engage with Ochatbot.

Available for new and existing sites

Menu Sync by SinglePlatform

makes it easy to showcase and update a business’s most important service information on the top search engines, review sites, online listing directories, social media sites and mobile apps.

By adding and enhancing business listings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zomato and more, you’ll help consumers further their discovery beyond a name, address and phone number. We publish on dozens of sites that are used by over 200 million people and often, they’re looking for detailed information like a menu, list of products or services and prices.

  • 49% of searches for a local business occur every day without a specific business in mind
  • Enhanced listings provide consumers with the exact content they are searching for
  • 86% of consumers want to see what a business has to offer before making a purchase decision
  • Menu Sync allows a business to maintain a consistent product message across all their channels
  • 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smart phones visited a store within a day

Starts at Free

is an automated customer engagement engine that helps businesses build and grow their OWN customer list, by capturing leads from their website and social media channels and then, with a marketing automation engine called the AutoPilot, it automatically engages with these customers, to keep them coming back and buy more, in-store, via phone or online.

Movylo will help your business:

  • Build your own Customer List, by helping you capture leads from multiple sources (website, social, in-store, …)
  • Engage with these Customers, automatically (we say on AutoPilot), in order to keep them coming back to you more and more. Imagine an engine that sends a few messages per month to your Customers, motivating them to come back for more. Examples include sending birthday wishes, review requests, messages like “come back to visit us” or “bring a friend,” and many more.
  • Close more sales: in-store, via phone, online

It’s all automated by our AutoPilot!

Icon for Advanced eCommerce

 Advanced eCommerce
$45/Month + $499 Setup

Our easy-to-use eCommerce solution provides you with all the features and functions you need to bring your products online.  What You Get:

  • A Shop page for your website, incl. Checkout and Cart pages
  • Support from our team to help you set up your shop
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive eCommerce platform
  • Enhanced features for your customers, including wishlists, real-time shipping quotes, and discount codes
  • SEO-friendly URLs for products
  • “Low Stock” notifications to help you manage their inventory
  • Abandoned Cart notifications to improve conversion

With advanced eCommerce 

  • Choose from a variety of commonly used payment portals
  • Offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” options with AfterPay
  • Customize shipping rates by weight, order total, or even by neighborhood/city
  • Sell physical products, digital files, or services

Take control of your online presence.

Let's grow your business together.

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