Reputation Management

Why worry about your online reputation at all?

Customer journey
  • 91% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 92% of buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a review
  • 13% of people will buy from a business with a 1-2 star rating
  • 94% of consumers say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business
  • 89% of consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews

Consumers have tipped the balance of power and are more empowered than ever to get information about a business and get it fast. Consumers have access to endless information at their fingertips, including information that will help them decide on your business. Businesses that actively manage their online reputation will be the ones who thrive!

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Beyond customer perceptions, your online reputation can also affect your ranking in search engines. Not only do the search engines look at your review ranking number of reviews your business has they also look at the recency of those reviews.

Also, 73% of consumers say reviews written more than 3 months ago aren’t relevant anymore. Customers want to see reviews that relate to the business as it is today. This is where Customer Voice comes in.

Customer Voice

Use your happy customers to win new customers: Leverage the voice of your brand champions to improve online word-of-mouth. Invite existing customers to share their experiences online so new customers know they can trust you.

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