Our process

The customer journey-from awareness to advocacy

Marketing begins and ends with the customer.

  • Awareness-do they know who you are
  • Findability-can they find you
  • Reputation-can they trust you
  • Conversion-is it easy to buy from you
  • Advocacy-will they become fans

Our process always begins with you and your business. For us to be the best partners we can be, we’ll need to understand your business, your business goals.

The discovery process continues by creating a “Snapshot Report’ for your business. This report created by our proprietary AI scours the internet for information about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts compared to your main competitors and industry leaders. The results of this report and our one-on-one conversation will begin to show us how we need to put the marketing pieces together to smooth out any rough edges in your customer journey and help you reach your business goals. Learn more about “Snapshot Report.”

When we’ve had a chance to discuss your business goals and review your Marketing Check-up we’ll start putting together the pieces of your Local Marketing Stack

Our EAZ Digital Toolkit-Pro is a suite of e-commerce and online communication tools that allows you to sell online and stay connected to the communities you serve. These tools can be used as a DIY marketing suite or can be part of a managed digital marketing strategy. Learn more about EAZ Digital Toolkit Pro

Tools and marketing for that matter only have value if they work. So how do you know if what you’re doing is working? Each week you’ll be emailed a report showing the progress your marketing is making. We’ll review that report together and adjust. Marketing, whether in the physical space or the digital space is never set and forget it. It must be continually tested and tweaked.