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Business Operating System

We know that local business owners are stretched increasingly thin as they adapt to the world of digital business, manage their online presence, and balance internal operations. What they need is one app with one login, one set of reports, and one communication system that empowers them to drive and scale their business. 

Business O/S

The operating system is the most important software that runs on a digital device. It manages the device’s processes, as well as all of its applications.

Without an operating system, every application would need to include its own User Interface, as well as the comprehensive code needed to handle all low-level functionality of the underlying computer, such as disk storage, network interfaces, and so on.  

In today’s digital business space, many small businesses seem as if they are trying to operate without an operating system.  Perform daily business processes helter-skelter.  If you are tired of multiple apps with different logins, if you wish you could see how your business is performing online every day, or if you think there should be a better way, EAZ Business O/S is for you.

EAZ Business O/S:  What’s In It For You?

Single Sign-on

Using multiple apps with different platforms and logins, can cost you time and money and  present issues comparing data and trends across these apps. Business O/S gives you all of your apps in one place with a single sign-on.

Single Source of Truth

Access to automated proof-of-performance reporting that shows you how all of your efforts are paying off over time, reveals new opportunities, and helps you make great strategic decisions.

Simply connect your Google Business Proifile, Facebook profile, Google Analytics and Google Search Console and get immediate feedback on your online presence

You can subscribe to notifications to keep you updated on the most important activity for your business online.”

Automated Meeting Scheduler

CalendarHero handles the complete scheduling  workflow — bookings, payments, reminders, and more — so customer-facing teams and business owners can focus on doing what they love. Give clients a professional scheduling experience and bring in more bookings in less time. Instead of playing phone tag or going back and forth in email, CalendarHero makes it easy for customers to self-book a time to meet from your or your team’s real-time availability. Businesses can even display the availability of multiple team members at once. 

SMS Messaging Included

SMS Messaging is the preferred method of communication between businesses and their customers. SMS also has a 98% open rate to email or phone calls. With SMS Messaging in your Inbox, you can connect with both customers and your team faster and in their preferred method – giving them an excellent customer experience.

Guides and Courses

Also included with Business O/S are academy courses on customer journey and reputation managent as well as guides for anything you might need to help with our online presence

Express Marketing Stack

Business O/S includes a 30 day trial of our Expres Marketing Stack (EMS).  EMS includes express versions of all the tools you need to start improving our online pressence, invcluding listing management, reputation management and social marketing,  Learn more

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